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"These two women are in serious need of correction... The video trailer on their Web site caused me to send my eyeballs to the nearest dry cleaner...[The show] has sex toys. It has chest-licking. It has a heavily tattooed male torso. It is, in short, an hourlong cry for help." 

— Neil Genzlinger, THE NEW YORK TIMES

"Kelly's impersonations, especially her rendition of 'Belly Button Man,' and Lindsey's zany naiveté, are both funny...All in all, Kelly and Lindsey do do New York with flair...Will they find love? Who knows, but at least they've found each other."


"Their comedy can be salacious to outright raunchy, based in large part on the tribulations of young women looking for love in the city of New York. With fart jokes."

— Brian Clarey, YES WEEKLY

"The show is set in the Big Apple, but the experiences — failed dates, freaky guys, work pressures and the struggle to maintain a balance between romantic and friend relationships — are something most women can relate to." 

— Jennifer Bringle, GO TRIAD

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